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MONDAY December 10th 2007

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Trobecove Krušne Peći

Was the cult Zagreb band from the beginning of the 80's, distinctive not only for its bizarre name (inspired by incinerators which served Slovenian serial killer from mid 70's, Metod Trobec, as means of disposal of his victims' bodies; Trobec killed himself in prison in 2006.) but also because of its intensive, concrete and noisy variation of rock and roll music. more  »»



New and very loud rock and roll!!!

Group of young men in their early 40's whose way of playing NEW, LOUD, ATOMIC ROCK AND ROLL, has reached the ears and, eventually, the hands of Briton Andy Gill - one of the best music producers in the world's rock scene (he worked with Red Hot Chili Peppers, Gang Of Four, Boss Hog, The Stranglers, Killing Joke, The Jesus Lizard, INXS's Michael Hutchence, Robert Plant, Dave Gilmour, John Peel, The Others, Datsuns, The Young Knives, Futureheads ...), and at the same time member of the cult New Wave group GANG OF FOUR, who was responsible for sound mix and formation of the sound for their equally named debut album.





VIVA GLORIO (Zagreb) are:

Darko Begić (voice, synth)
Gordan Dorvak (drums)
Mario Barišin (bass guitar)
Damir Kolarec (guitar)


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