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Biografija VIVA GLORIO

On one forgotten year, 1981, four friends got together to create music, later described by a certain critic: "Trobec guys are equally illogical, radical, innocent and rough, and they expect the same from you. They're getting hold of unusual obsessions and tensions from reality, only to distort them even further and turn them into tauntingly important remarks" (Polet, April 27th 1983)

In 1985 they entered Boruta Činč studio in Lubljana and made their first record, an album which eventually couldn't be released (it was released years later, in 1995, in audio-cassette format). In 1987 their concert in Kopar was recorded by a contemporary discographer d.i.d. Koper. Trobecove krune pei have ceased to exist that same year.

MARIO BARIŠIN (bass guitar) has played for two years with Haustor and in 1991 forms a new band, Brujači. During their first CD recording, DARKO BEGIĆ (TKP vocals) joins his vocal on some songs. GORDAN DORVAK (drums) plays for three different bands: Legija, Zvijezde and Flash Royal, and he is also the member of Gibonni and Vanna's supporting band.

"We leave the past to scavengers"

In 2005 DAMIR KOLAREC (guitar) launches initiative for old friend's gathering. But in contrary to contemporary trends, band decides not to play any of the old songs; quite opposite-entirely fresh material starts being formed under the new name: VIVA GLORIO. After one year the band re-enters studio and starts recording demo material.

These recordings find their way into the hands of Andy Gill who expresses his collaborative interest in the project. After his arrival in Zagreb, recording of the VIVA GLORIO album starts in studio Šišmiš. Following the three months of recording, the whole project moves to London. Andy Gill starts his work on album mix.

The work on the cover design starts in parallel. Author and designer of the cover is Danilo Dučak. In October 2007 Damir and Andy completed both production and mixing of the album. Album mastering is performed by Davorin Ilić.

VIVA GLORIO has their first album.



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